Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging testing procedure

Your safety and the safety of your workplace are paramount, so your peace of mind far outweighs any thermal imaging inspection cost. When you need your thermal imaging, call on the expert technicians at Aintree Contracting. Failing to comply not only results in costly unscheduled downtime and repairs, but even a potential worse case scenario, fatalities that could have been avoided.

Aintree is able to perform one of the most valuable diagnostic procedures, Preventative Maintenance, by conducting thermal imaging inspections of your electrical cabeling in order to detect and thus prevent an electrical fire. The electrical thermal imaging services offered by Aintree Contracting are an effective and efficient way of testing wiring; thermal inspection dramatacally reduces the downtime and labour costs associated with the more traditional forms of testing. Thermal imaging inspections detect anomalies normally invisible to the naked eye and allows corrective action to be taken before expensive issues arise.

To thoroughly inspect and thermograph Electrical / Mechanical services switchboards;  All boards are opened to expose the electrical wiring and components. A Detailed report specifying irregularities found is provided, including the image(s) as recorded.


Aintree use the latest Infrared thermal imaging technology to ensure that the latest procedures and methods are employed. Additionally, all Aintree Thermographers are qualified to AS3998.

Electricity causes heat as it travels through your wiring. Sometimes where high resistance joints and circuit overloading are present, this heating can become excessive and may lead to an electrical fire. The impact on your business is two-fold not only is there the potential destruction from fire but there is also the downtime due to power supply interruption. This is where the expert thermal imaging services provided by Aintree Contracting can be a lifesaver.

Thermal Imaging Applications

Using infrared Thermography as a diagnostic tool is a condition monitoring technique that measures the radiant heat pattern emitted from a body, such as building structures or plant & equipment. This technique will generally determine the regions or points of increased or reduced heat emissions, which can indicate the presence of a fault.
  • Identify potential equipment/component failure or irregularities in loading
  • Prevent fire/explosion
  • Check component integrity
  • Determine loading condition of equipment

The visual inspection of each switchboard will help determine its condition: ie broken door hinges, excessive heat, build up of dust/dirt, vermin proof, unsafe condition or discoloration of components, condition of legend, clear local access area, etc.
Maintenance personnel can plan repairs as necessary.

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