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Simon Bevan, Company Director established Aintree Contracting in 2008.  Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Business with Head Office in Tasmania.  The company specialises in the servicing and maintenance of electrical equipment and switchboards as well and the provision of fire equipment and testing services.  Our services include data logging, records management, fault reporting and specialist advice on essential services maintenance.

Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd has invested in the resources required, being human, technology and equipment to ensure that the delivery of service can be deployed to meet the needs of our clients.  Our clients include Government at all levels, some of Australia's top ten retailers as well as a number of small to medium sized business. 

Serving over 600 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand our advantage lies in the capacity of our people and service delivery platform.  Tailored solutions can be deployed to one or multiple sites. With over 2000 individual site visits per annum, from Auckland to Perth, Darwin to Hobart, any organisational locality can fall within our footprint and overall capabilities.

Our Vision is to be recognised as a leading essential service provider and expand our service delivery capabilities whilst maintaining the confidence and assurance with our existing clients with the expectation of delivering quality services and products.

Work Health and Safety Policy

Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd acknowledge both the moral and legal obligation to protect workers, including contractors, sub-contractors, visitors and members of the public against risk to their health and safety whilst at work or at or near our places of work.
Senior Managers are committed to a proactive approach toward managing risk to the health and safety of persons at work, so far as is reasonably practicable, that demonstrates our Due Diligence for the prevention of work-related injury or illness and continual improvement.

We understand that all persons within our operations irrespective of position, has a role to fulfil in preventing persons being exposed to risk at our places of work and contribute to ensuring compliance is maintained.

To this end, the business leaders undertake to:
• Develop and implement effective procedures to systematically identify hazards, assess risks and eliminate or control risk to the lowest level reasonably practicable using the hierarchy of control;
• Provide suitable mechanisms to consult and communicate with workers and external parties and include our workers in the decision-making processes of the WHS Management System;
• Develop and implement systems of work that are safe and without risk so far as reasonably practicable;
• Provide premises that are safe and without risk to health;
• Provide and maintain equipment and substances appropriate for business operations and activities;
• Provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to workers, and
• Provide adequate facilities for the welfare of workers.

The Business Manager and the Manager are responsible for ensuring that our documented systems are implemented, complied with and reviewed as per our legal requirements and other requirements to meet the performance criteria of AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Monitoring and reviewing performance indicators enables the company to measure the progressiveness our occupational health and safety management.

Regular audits shall be undertaken to ensure our systems meet legal requirements and to ensure the standards adopted by the company are maintained across all entities and that areas for improvement are identified and rectified accordingly.

This WHS Policy provides the framework for the setting of the company WHS objectives and targets that are reviewed annually.

Simon Bevan


Environmental Policy

Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring our operations are conducted in a manner that prevents pollution, waste is reduced, reused or recycled and as required tracked and disposed of as per relevant national, state and local laws.   We are focused on pursuing our corporate responsibility to minimise our environmental impact to land, water, air, flora and fauna.

To achieve our environmental responsibilities, we are committed to ensuring the following are undertaken:

  • Document and regularly review and assess our internal processes and procedures to determine the environmental impacts of our operations;
  • Comply with environmental legislative and contractual requirements;
  • Conform to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System requirements and integrate environmental considerations into business decision-making processes;
  • Respond to, record, investigate and as required, report environmental incidents and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence;
  • Collect and analyse corrective actions from our incident data to drive the continuous improvement processes of our environmental performance;
  • Demonstrate appropriate leadership in our industry services and encourage clients to make informed decisions with respect to managing their environmental impacts, including the management of premises, plant, equipment and waste management;
  • Educate workers on their environmental obligations through our induction program and instruction through work procedures;
  • Monitor our system and processes to ensure its integrity and appropriateness to our business operations.

We are committed to responding to the daily environmental challenges that we encounter and hope to contribute to the foundation of an environmentally sustainable future for our community and future generations.

The Environmental Management Policy will be readily accessible to workers and interested parties.

Simon Bevan


Quality Policy

Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd specialises in the provision of electrical testing and tagging, maintenance of switchboards, including switchboard upgrades and installation, install and test fire equipment.

Our business operations include Northern Caterers Electrical who also specialises in the provision of electrical and refrigeration installation, repairs and maintenance.

Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd is committed to the implementation and management of a quality management system to ensure our products, equipment, and people are to a high standard of quality. Furthermore, that we manage our operations and services in such a manner to ensure our clients are satisfied with the level of professional services provided to ensure repeat business and continual improvement.

Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd have developed our Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and will therefore undertake the following to ensure:

  • Workers are provided with appropriate information, tools, resources and schedules to effectively and efficiently provide services to clients.
  • Workers are informed of their requirement to report sub-standard conditions, practices or equipment in iAuditor software to enable a plan for rectification of such issues.
  • Products provided by our business will be in accordance with stated statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Systems are established in our business operations for the compilation, distribution, effective implementation, amendment and continued maintenance of the quality system as per our Document and Document Control Management Procedure.
  • All system outcomes generated within the quality management framework are to correspond with specified objectives that meet stated quality standards, customer expectations and statutory requirements.
  • All quality system documentation is regularly reviewed to ensure that existing policies, procedures and practices are suitable, remain relevant and capable of meeting specified quality standards, customer expectations and statutory requirements.
  • Provide trained and competent workers to ensure our stated quality objectives are met.
  • Preferred suppliers are encouraged and assisted in the implementation of appropriated improvement programs that will ensure the integrity and continued preservation of Aintree Contracting Pty Ltd quality management system.

The Quality Management Policy will be readily accessible to workers and interested parties via our company website and issued upon request.

Simon Bevan 


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