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Aintree Contracting is dedicated to providing you with the best testing and tagging services to make you totally compliant with WorkCover requirements. We will test and tag all of your electrical appliances to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 and perform all other electrical testing services such as record keeping, as is required by the Australian Standard. These records can be recorded in a variety of options.

Aintree Contracting has been a leader in this industry for over a decade, testing and tagging electrical equipment in a wide range of environments. Offering a range of similar services in addition to appliance testing & tagging to ensure your business is compliant with Australian Standards, our maintenance frequency on all test and tags is what sets us apart.

The surety that comes from our expert services is invaluable with the knowledge that your workplace is safe and compliant. The cost to procure our service, varies depending on the size of the job and type of environment. Our professionally trained and fully certified technicians can guarantee an appliance test and tagging service that complies with the Australian Standard throughout Australia and New Zealand.

At Aintree Contracting our test and tag electrical technicians are all trained professionals; they are experienced in large and small scale delivery models. Our capacity to deliver services is not limited to your operational times, we can tailor our delivery method to suit an individual business's requirements. Our technicians know exactly what is required of them to ensure our customers gain full compliance. Also being licensed electrical contractors means we can provide repair solutions to your workplace as well.

Our current customer base comprises of major retailers, government organisations, large private sector companies, who have relied on us over the past 10 years to provide expert electrical testing and tagging services.

Our test and tagging prices are competitive and personalised, considering such things as quantity, accessibility and frequency. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote for your workplace.

Our Processes

  • Prior to all electrical appliances testing, our administration will make site contact and arrange the visit in accordance with appropriate access times.
  • One of our experienced and licensed technicians will arrive at the arranged time and introduce themselves to the site contact.
  • Our technician will proceed with electrical testing services to all appliances, checking for any visual damage including any cuts with exposed conductors on the lead, melted plugs, damaged earth pins etc.
  • The technician will then perform an electrical safety test on the item using a portable appliance tester (PAT) and the result is recorded.
  • A test tag will be applied to all items that pass according to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760. The test tag will show the test date as well as next test due.
  • For items that fail any of the above electrical safety tests, a danger / out of service tag will placed upon the item indicating the reason for failure. A tag will also be placed over the plug of the item, to ensure use is not possible unless removed. The item will either be removed from service and handed to the client, or the client will be made aware of the fault as soon as practical, actions regarding fails are tailored to suit the individual client. The fault will be recorded in the data and a failed report will be sent to the client.
  • Upon completion, an electrical testing register will be made available to the client in a preferred format as agreed.
  • The test records are then entered into our database and the client will be reminded when testing and tagging next comes due.

Contact Aintree Contracting today for your free site appraisal through our online contact form or on 0428 161 126.



Apart from being a compulsive requirement in the workplace, testing your electrical appliances for faults and damages makes sense as it ensures that your workforce are using equipment that are safe from the dangers of electrical faults and that you are compliant. 

Electrical Appliance Testing & Tagging Process

The integrity of electrical appliances is determined by testing each asset as required by the standard. Using the latest Seaward equipment, Aintree Contracting carries out the following testing procedures, including:

  • Insulation Tests
  • Physical inspection
  • Earth circuit Test
  • Functionality Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Visual Inspections Include As per (AS 3760)
  • Run / Leakage Test
  • Polarity wire Test
  • Check for obvious external damage
  • Check cords are not tangled or exposed for tripping
  • Check defects on connectors
  • Check defects-accessories, plugs or socket outlets
  • Check supply cords
  • No exposed inner cords, external sheath not cut abraded or damaged

All electrical appliances are tested and tagged with an identifiable bar code for continual identification purposes.

All data collected, including location and test results are incorporated into our cloud based software, where your unique client link provides you access to all of your relevant information when required.

For your free site appraisal contact Aintree Contrating today through our online contact form or on 0428 161 126.



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