Posted by Aintree on 18 February 2016

Is your workplace environment hiding risks?

During recent testing for a client, our tecnicians found these two extremely danagerous issues onsite.

The first is an extension lead that had been cut and then a "bright spark" decided to reconnect them with sticky tape, yes, you read correctly STICKY TAPE.

If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable. Exposed wires with the chance of electrocution being extremly high! Our technician tagged the item out and removed from site.

This item alone justified Aintree's presence and processes................ Do you have issues like this onsite?












The next issue below is on an item which has a very high failure rate due to it's consistent and rugged use, Vacuum Cleaners.

This item was found to be so important that once again, "STICKY TAPE"  (The new repair product of choice for 2016) was used to hastily repair the item, exposing the operator to electricution.

Our technician's tagged out the vacuum cleaner, then informed staff on site of the issue, so that the cleaner could be sent away for repair.















Is work place safety your responsibility, does the "buck" stop with you? Do you have 'Mr Sticky Fix' employee's in your work place environment? The risk to individuals is too high, call Aintree Contracting today for your site apprasial.

With services including test and tag, portable fire testing, emergency / exit light testing and safety switch testing, AIntree Contracting can provide you peace of mind!

Get in touch today......

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